About Anything

Okey Dokey…..

Here goes nothing! I like to write about random stuff, and I decided to bring it out here for no particular reason. Writing is cathartic, that is, to those who like to write. People write for different reasons. Yeah, it will be nice to note that bestseller novel finally, but, you know.

Ooh, sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. I am a mother, accountant, and student. I will always remain a student because I believe there is so much to learn. Sometimes, you see this random video on youtube, and just one word will light up a bulb in your head(not sure how to phrase that, but you get the gist).

By the way, if you come to this particular page and something is different here, don’t be baffled or feel lost. I might change it once in a while, depending on my mood. I don’t want to be restricted and follow the usual blogging norm. Don’t forget the number one rule on the internet. Please don’t take anything I write as advice.