Christmas Celebrations Are Over, Now What?



Growing up(you know that was coming), not much was done for Christmas. Most of the Christmas celebrations consisted of clothes, food, and also masquerades(kaakamotobi). The only thing I remember is the new clothes to go to church. We go from house to house to eat. Families cooked lots of meals because they knew kids from the neighborhood would stop by. Lots of meat like a goat(for light soup), chicken or beef (for Jollof), etc. Ok, let’s get this straight. Am not sure of the Christmas days. Yes, I can google it, but I don’t even know the wording. All I know is before 24th December; parents go to the market to get clothes and shoes for their kids.

Christmas day

Early in the morning on Christmas day(let’s say 25thish), we start cooking. I helped my mother cook the meals because I was the ‘chef,’ so no cooking without me. Now that I think about it, I don’t remember cooking the food. Wait! Did I even help to cook the food? When I was a kid(till I was about 11), I didn’t cook but did a lot of play cooking. Christmas celebrations are most fun when you are a kid. Now that I think about it being a kid was fun. You don’t have to worry about the bills ….. sorry, I digress. Ok, where were we …

You know what, let’s get back to this another time. It’s February; Christmas was done a long time ago.


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