Where We Fit In



I know the word ‘growing up’ is a cliche but, hey, who doesn’t like to talk about the good ol’ days? I was describing how my childhood looked like the other time to someone. There is a big compound with about five or more families, sometimes with a wall around the house. Honestly, I don’t know how I became an introvert. I remember going outside to play football with kids in the neighborhood, but at some point, I realized all I did was stay indoors reading books.


Before I go any further, I grew up in Ghana/West Africa. Heck, I played till it got dark. I played football, ampe, kpiting3, charskele, pilolo. I remember I liked climbing trees a lot. Now, I can’t even look down when standing on a one-story building. Don’t get me started on the food and kubolo(a term for someone who doesn’t stay home). Sometimes, I visit my friends and don’t come home till late at night. Also, I ate at their place, so I didn’t have to worry about going hungry. If my mom can’t find me, she always knows the places to look. She sometimes scolds me to come home early when I go out to play.

Mellow Me

I wish I knew when I started being a ‘loner,’ but I enjoyed that phase of my life. Through reading, I traveled to places I never even dreamed existed. Most writers and bookworms can attest to this. Hey, If I don’t qualify as a writer, I qualify as a bookworm. Please, bookworm doesn’t mean getting straight As in school. Let me put that out there.

Most people will think the cover photo is weird, but it reminds me of family. There are bright, semi-bright, and dark patches, but they all come together to make a beautiful pattern.


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